To offer stimulating, inspiring, life-enhancing crafts and artistic learning opportunities in a student-centered learning environment. The intent is to inspire the spirit of each person to create something, from their unique life experience that will give them joy, peace, hope, and a heightened understanding, both of this world and of themselves.

The following tenets create a base for classes:

  • Create a class environment that is positive, sharing, inspirational and non-competitive

  • Assist students in the discovery and development of their unique abilities by practicing arts and crafts that celebrate the creative process

  • Project-based classes that fully circle the topic or craft, whenever possible

  • Identify green components, whenever possible, and relate them to course content

  • Promote and preserve the knowledge, skills and stories of the past and present

  • Celebrate and promote the concept of life-long learning

  • Involve our local community: individuals, families, farms, and businesses to offer unique learning opportunities in this area.