Robert Keiper


Robert Keiper is a flintnapper. One who breaks stone and makes stone tools as our ancestors did. His journey began when he was a boy examining a small arrowhead found by his father. That was over 50 years ago and since that time he has traveled many miles and met many wonderful people who enjoy this art as much as he does

His career got its’ start in 1970, while on a canoe trip in northern Minnesota. He met his first teacher/mentor who taught him the basics of pressure flaking with a deer antler and a leather pad held in his hands. This was the start to his incredible journey.

Robert has made thousands of flintknapping stone tools which has taught him that repetition makes your work more refined and practice is the key to stay on top of the game. Most of the class work is done outdoors in the sunlight, because dust can be a challenge.

The energy a knapper gets back from completing stone tools is something that can’t be measured! The frosting on the cake for Robert, is when he can give the signed piece away to some worthy student who took the time to watch him make another work of art. He has demonstrated this craft to thousands of folks at various events such as history classes, outdoor education classes, museums, art fairs, craft fairs, knife shows, artifact shows, boy scout camps, state parks and many knapins throughout the country from Wyoming to Florida. In 2010 and 2012, he demonstrated flintknapping to teachers at the NEH Institute hosted by the Mississippi Valley Archeology Center (MVAC). In 2009, he received a “Regional Archaeology” Award from MVAC.

Robert and his wife have a small business in Fountain City called Knife and Stone Art. It is located behind their house overlooking the Mississippi River. They also offer classes in their own studio/workshop and have been involved in this art for 45 years.

Contact Robert Keiper with any questions regarding his class at: 510 S Main, Fountain City, WI. 507-429-1313