Nakoma Volkman


Nakoma Volkman was raised in the culture of the Oglala Lakota and his heritage is Chippewa-Cree and German American. He has been the leader of touring performance groups demonstrating Native American singing and dance. He is one of the founders of the Native American Center of SE MN, and retired chairman. Since the 1950’s he has been a presenter over 3600 times nationwide. He has a college degree and Master’s credits. He was one of the first Peace Corps Volunteers to go overseas and has served as a Director of the Peace Corps in Venezuela. He lived with an Amazon tribe for two years and has participated in exploratory expeditions into the Amazon interior. Upon return from South America he worked for the City of Chicago controlling youth street gang violence. Over the years he has directing community service programs and in security administration. Above all, Nakoma considers himself a writer who illustrates his words. He’s also a historian of sorts.  Among his original drawings is a map of 950 North American tribes, which he spent 20 years researching to ensure its accuracy.