Julene Timm


“Heirloom Quality” and “Hand Made” are words that make me smile. I believe that the hand produces, what the heart desires. Whether it’s the first try or the result of years of practice, the heart is always engaged in the process. In addition to rug making, my heart has been engaged in teaching many things, including homeschooling our children, canning and pickle making, quilting, stenciling and sewing.

I learned to make plaited (braided) rugs from my husband’s grandmother, Selma, back in 1974. Her joy in making something old become new, was contagious. Forty years later, the rug we made is still a cherished part of out lives. Not only in function, but because it tells a bit of our family story.

I live on a seven-acre homestead with my husband, near Lund, WI.