Joerg Kessler


Beginning at the age of 12, Joerg became fascinated with honeybees and beekeeping as he assisted his father in their family’s 700 hive apiary in Alberta, Canada.

Over  the past nine years, Joerg has mentored numerous novice beekeepers and educated and enthused hundreds of students with presentations and hands on demonstrations using his 20  beehives.  During that same time, Joerg has earned many awards including 7 blue ribbons for his honey and observation hive entries at the Minnesota State Fair.

Joerg is an active member of  the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association and has served as a Director for the last six years. He is also a trained Master Gardener and earned his Permaculture Design Certificate at Kinstone Academy in August 2013.

Joerg’s passion for  the natural world  is  expressed in his interest, knowledge and practical expertise  in  beekeeping, native pollinators, native plant gardening, sustainability and permaculture.  His favorite nature exploration methods include the “science-ologies”(biology, zoology, entomology, ecology) as well as  photography.

Joerg and his wife Kathleen Sweeney own and operate Heritage Woods, LLC located in Ramsey Minnesota and Stockholm Wisconsin. Their Ramsey property is registered as a National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat Certified acreage. Their twelve acre Wisconsin property includes native forests, meadows, and a trout stream.  They plant and nurture thousands of native plants and trees to provide habitat for birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects and of course, several honey bee colonies.