Improve your Horse Relationship in 15 Minutes



“Principles, Purpose, and Time: Improve the Relationship with your Horse in Just 15 Minutes”

Too often, our horses’ training gets neglected because we just don’t have enough time.  What if I told you that didn’t need to be the case anymore? 
Join Parelli Professional, Fran Latane, as she shares how, in just 15 minutes a day, using basic equine psychology, you can improve the relationship with your horse. We’ll explore the basics of how the horse’s mind works, how to read a horse’s “horsenality” traits, and finally, how, in a short amount of time, you can change the way the horse views you as a leader.

Age group: 16+ (under 18 needs adult supervision) Bring a sack lunch

AN1006 Saturday, August 22: 1-4 p.m.| Instructor: Fran Latane| (Parelli certified Instructor) tuition-: $40

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