Fran Latane


Fran Latané is an official Level 3 graduate- of the Parelli program. She has been playing with horses and Parelli Natural Horsemanship since 1999. She learned to ride and play the Seven Games first on a neighbor’s herd of Morgan horses, and then got her first horse, a Paint mare, Princess, in 2003. Fran has learned personally from Linda Parelli, as well as studied closely with Parelli Professionals Kristi Smith and Farrah Green, and has participated in, and audited events with many other Parelli instructors. Fran has spent a total of 23 weeks at the Parelli Centers in both Colorado and Florida, including 4 weeks of short-term course study, 5 weeks as a working student, a 12-week Externship under the instruction of Master Instructor John Baar, as well as many of Pat’s other top professionals, and most recently completed a two-week 2-Star preparatory course in Florida, taught by Carol Coppinger and Nita Jo Rush, as well as Pat and Linda.

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