Deb McLaren


Deborah McLaren believes travel and nature writing is a great way to connect with each other and learn about our beautiful planet. She’s traveled with yak herders in Bhutan; set up volunteer programs to support tsunami recovery in fishing villages in India; seen the Southern Cross from a star sanctuary in New Zealand; and helped set up a living culture camp at in an Athabascan fishing village along the Yukon River. Her graduate research was published in a book, “Rethinking Tourism and Ecotravel,” which led her to becoming a travel book author, teaching alternative travel writing, nature journaling and to hand make tiny little books. She loves helping people find remarkable, authentic destinations so they can directly connect with the land, culture, food and people. Deborah is the founder of Local Flavor, a social enterprise that celebrates and promotes local food, art, culture, heritage and slow travel. She helps communities identify their Local Flavor and make it more accessible to visitors and locals.